Weber Workshops Key Coffee Grinder (ONYX)

850.000 KD 790.000 KD


The all new KEY grinder is a revolution in conical burr single-dose grinding. The biggest, best commercial burr set available in the most compact, countertop-saving design possible. The burrs and mount define the width of the product, making it more space saving than grinders with burrs a fraction of the size. All more precise, align-able, and cleanable than anything else in the world. 

Created by the engineers and designers behind the iPod nano, we took great care to pack a lot into a small package.

- Built in brush with replaceable head

- RPM adjustment knob

- Compatible with both Standard and Magic Tumbler configurations (interchangeable with those used on our HG-2 hand grinder).

- Magnetic centering of Tumbler on Solid Hardwood landing pad


The KEY is built around the massive 83mm conical burr set. We source our burrs exclusively from Mazzer, but apply our own unique secondary processes to partially season them so they are usable out of the box, and then seal in the edge with a life-prolonging and completely food safe TiN coating. Perfect for the single-dosing café or the home.

Every KEY Grinder ships with the following in the box:


  • KEY Grinder main unit (SNOW or ONYX). No fuss plug-in anywhere in the world (90-240v)
  • Installed with our proprietary food safe Titanium PVD-coated Mazzer burrs, factory pre-aligned.
  • Magic Tumbler (patent pending, fits 58mm) AND/OR new Standard Tumbler (fits 49mm & 58mm), depending on which variation you choose.
  • Hardwood Landing Pad
  • Anti-popcorning dust lid (not pictured)
  • Hex wrenches for assembly and maintenance

    • Magic Tumbler Only .