Weber Workshops EG-1 Coffee Grinder

1,600.000 KD 1,500.000 KD

For both pour over and espresso style preparations, the EG-1 is Weber Workshop’s 80mm flat burr grinder for the specialty coffee trade. As part of a larger ecosystem of products, the EG-1 is designed to work with our Bean Cellars to streamline the single dosing workflow. An integrated system opens new avenues for retailing single dose portioned coffee beans, bridging the gap between the café and home user experience.

The EG-1 ships standard with Weber Workshop's CORE magnetically mounted burr set, designed to be used for everything from pour-over to espresso. Being magnetically mounted, it does not have the screw holes commonly seen on disc burr setups which can be a collection point for old coffee. Weber Workshops also offer the ULTRA burrs for pour-over, and the BASE burrs for a bimodal grind characteristic more similar to a conical burr machine.

EG-1 Inbox:

- EG-1 grinder (works on all voltages 90v-240v worldwide). CE Certified.

- Blind Shaker 

- CORE burrs pre-installed