Weber workshop Unifilter portafilter

165.000 KD

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The Unifilter
The Unifilter is made from a solid piece of Stainless 304 material. All of the holes are individually laser-ablated and go right up to the vertical wall edge, giving a true 58.5mm puck from top to bottom. Made for 18g ~22g shots (and higher or lower with use or elimination of puck screen).

Included in package

  • 1 Unifilter, with either FKM Rubber or Teak handle.
  • 1 Stainless Steel puck screen fitted for the Unifilter (to sit above puck)

Technical Details

  • Size: 220mm x 85mm x 30mm (8.6" length, 3.3" width, 1.2" high)
  • Weight: 18oz (520g)
  • Material (body): Stainless 304
  • Material (handle): Black FKM rubber or Teak wood