Weber workshops HG-2 Coffee Grinder

625.000 KD From 590.000 KD

Coffee is a glorious ritual, vice, and hobby. Weber workshop first got into coffee, weber workshop found themselves deeper into the rabbit hole every day. They bought all the tools, scoured the best of the vintage and the new, but struggled to find what they thought was the perfect hand grinder. So they took it upon themselves to create the ultimate one, bringing the HG-1 to market, which became the gold standard of hand grinding in the industry. They manufactured it for years, learning lessons and from our customers along the way. Taking those lessons, they went back to the drawing board to completely redesign and re-engineer it, bringing to the world the new gold standard of hand grinders: the HG-2.

The all new HG-2 features all of the following upgrades from our previous HG-1:

  • Smaller Footprint (reduced 37%)
  • Transmission Gearbox (first ever in a hand grinder)
  • Magic Tumbler (patent pending)
  • Magnetic Centering Tumbler (optional)
  • Brush in Handle
  • Foldable Crank Handle
  • Finer grind adjusting
  • New color options (Silver and ONYX)

    The HG-2 is still built around the massive 83mm conical burr set. They source our burrs exclusively from Mazzer, but apply our own unique secondary processes to partially season and make them suitable for hand-grinding, and then seal in the edge with a life-prolonging and completely food safe TiN coating. This will last both you and your children's family a lifetime of world-class coffee grinding.

    Every HG-2 ships with the following in the box:

  • Base HG-2 with all the aforementioned improvements
  • Installed with our proprietary food safe Titanium PVD-coated Mazzer burrs, factory pre-aligned.
  • Magic Tumbler (patent pending, fits 58mm). This comes with all units.