Weber Workshop Blind Shaker

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Grinding & Redistribution Tool

Invented by Weber Workshops and immediately a hit, the Blind Shaker is the redistribution tool used by shop baristas, home baristas, and competitive baristas worldwide. It has been imitated but the build quality of ours is inimitable, and we use our own proprietary process to create a polished-smooth inside that resists coffee grounds sticking to the inside walls. Nothing else comes close.

Shaking helps to reduce static, decrease channeling, and increase extraction yield on every espresso shot. It also cleans up the workflow and keeps the powder off of the countertop. 

A completely unique tool from WW commonly used in world stage competitions – shaken not stirred.

Note: Made to fit 58mm baskets.  Clean with warm water and a cloth wipe only. No dishwasher or harsh/abrasive chemicals.