Nucleus Coffee Distributor NCD (58.5mm)

42.000 KD

The NCD is the latest generation of coffee distributing tools. The four uniquely styled blades not only allow for faster and even distribution of coffee, but with the advanced, anti-static coating, significantly reduce the amount of coffee that sticks to the tool after each use. However you desire your coffee dose, you can easily adjust the height of the NCD with millimeter accuracy to maximise flavour from each puck. 

Former World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic designed this tool to get the best possible flavours out of your espresso. Sliding gently over your grounded beans the four revolutionary angles slopes create an even surface in the basket of your portafilter. This reduces the risk of uneven extractions significantly which will result in a richer coffee experience.

  • 58.5mm diameter fits both IMD and VST basket
  • Made of brass (to reduce static) and lightweight anodized aluminium
  • Advanced static-reducing coating
  • Adjustable to accommodate the desired dose
  • Textured non-slip design for grip

Tips from Nucleus Coffee:

1- Opening a new NCD 

2- How to set up your NCD 

3- Cleaning your NCD