Mahlkonig Mini Hopper for EK 43 and EK 43 S

48.000 KD

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The Mahlkonig Mini Hopper is designed specifically for use with the EK 43 and EK 43 S grinders, offering 250g of capacity for a reliable and consistent grind. Its durable construction and perfect fit ensure consistent coffee grinding and minimal waste, making it an essential accessory for any barista looking for professional-level results.

Single-dosing with the EK43 or EK43 S is now easier than ever with the Mahlkonig Mini Hopper. This minimalist hopper features a spring-loaded auto-closing gate for lightning fast single dose grinding for espresso or pour over. The gate can also be locked in the open position should you desire to grind a larger batch of beans. The Mini Hopper has a max capacity of around 250 grams and is currently only available in black.

Please note this hopper fits only the newest versions of the EK43 and EK43 S. Older EK43 grinders (featuring red and green on/off buttons) are not compatible without shimming of the neck to avoid rocking. With the Mini Hopper installed, the EK43 stands 26" tall. The EK43 S stands 20 1/4" tall. To install the Mini Hopper, simply remove the screw securing the plastic collar and set the plastic collar aside. Use the same screw to secure the Mini Hopper to the neck and you're ready to go.