Latte Art Course

150.000 KD

To those who want to learn the basics of latte art in a practical way, know the basic rules and learn how to make patterns as the heart, leaf and tulip, patterns on which to build, with practice, the more complex ones.

Basic Latte Art course program:

  • What types of milk to use, differences in frothing and pouring between whole, skim, fresh, cow's milk, oats, soy and other vegetables
  • Which types of milk jugs are best suited for frothing milk and for latte art
  • Practice: the correct technique for a perfect frothing milk
  • Making the classic cappuccino "white stain"
  • Practice: the basics of latte art: height, flow, wrist movement
  • Practice to make the heart pattern
  • Practice to make the figure of the leaf
  • Practice to make the tulip pattern