Iberital IB7( 1 Group)

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IB7 is the perfect machine for small spaces. A machine with a smart, compact design that retains the robustness and durability of all Iberital products. The perfect piece for your business.


This Iberital IB7 1 Group Coffee Machine has been lovingly assembled. It has a compact design and is therefore perfect in a limited space.

Iberital IB7 Traditional Espresso Machine features a smart, elegant compact design. It retains the robustness and durability of all Iberital products. It is the ideal coffee machine to fit perfectly into your bar, cafe or hotel.

The steam wands are easily adjustable which as a result, allows you to find the perfect angle for steaming milk, made of stainless steel they are easy to clean. The work area is illuminated with LED lights so coffees can be easily prepared even in low-lit environments, which also creates a sleek and stylish looking coffee machine.

This smart and compact espresso machine is available in either Iberital Red, Glossy White, Pure Black or stand-out Tiffany Blue. The classically simple design of this espresso machine harmoniously blends with any surroundings.


  • Adjustable touch panel settings.
  • Boiler capacity:  6L
  • Heating element: 1,800W
  • Stainless steel steam pipes.
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet.
  • Automatic boiler fill.
  • Heating element protector device.
  • Work area L.E.D. lighting.
  • Internal motor and pump.
  • Weight: 41Kg

All Iberital machines have been conceived, designed and produced by hand in Barcelona.