Eureka Olympus E75 AP Espresso Grinder - White
Eureka Olympus E75 AP Espresso Grinder - White

Eureka Olympus E75 AP Espresso Grinder - White

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The Eureka Olympus 75 E coffee grinder features Eureka's patented step-less micrometrical grind adjustment mechanism that’s extremely easy to use. It allows you to precisely select the grind size that you want, and delivers extremely consistent results. It's body is made from steel & aluminium, very similar to that of a Mazzer production.


details  :

  • Burr Size: 75mm
  • Burr Type: Diamond Inside 
  • Hopper size: 1.2 kg
  • Controls: Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment. On/Off Switch. Electronic dose adjustment. Single and double dose and continuous grind option.
  • Doser / On Demand: On Demand
  • Portafilter Holder: Yes
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Finish: Matt Black
  • Power: Single phase / 800w (220-240v)
  • Speed: 1400rpm
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Dimensions WDH: 24cm x 27.5cm x 49cm (with short hopper)

Diamond Inside is a patented process for thermal cryogenic treatment of burrs at temperature -193° C (patent pending) resulting in the formation of an increased crystal structure that guarantees a superior wear resistance and duration.

Diamond Inside is able to preserve the optimal geometry of the sharpening longer than any other burrs typology. It allows to keep the granulometry constant for an exceptionally high quantity of ground coffee: around 1300 kg with burrs of 65 mm, while the total duration can reach up to 1500/1600 kg.

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