Barista Hustle Cupping Bowls - 24 Pack

28.000 KD

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It's about time the humble cupping bowl got some love from the R&D department! Barista Hustles bowls are designed to be more durable, easily stackable, and no-nonsense so you can focus on skimming, slurping, and savoring.

Unlike most of the competition, Barista Hustle's cupping bowls are made of food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE). This gives them a multitude of advantages: they're inexpensive and easy to manufacture, they're super durable, they're better at insulating your coffee while cupping, and they're even recyclable if you ever manage to break one! HDPE is very tough stuff, which is great news for the cupping lab. It means your bowls won't chip or crack when they're coming in and out of storage, or if they're carelessly dropped into the dish sink.

Food-grade HDPE is the same stuff milk jugs are made of. It's dense and durable, it's a decent insulator, and it's recyclable in most areas. Barista Hustle recommends washing with mild, unscented detergents - and you can wash in your dishwasher if you like! The cups are designed to stack while drying, with molded ridges that allow for plenty of airflow. Each cup holds 220 mL / 7.5 fl oz to the rim.