Comandante Red Clix RX35

16.000 KD

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Upgrade your Comandante Hand Grinder to ultra tune in your grinding.If your grinding for espresso your going to love the extra settings to dial in your espresso grind.The Red Clix Upgrade doubles the number of grind settings on your Comandante grinder.

  • Compatible for Comandante - Grinder C40 Nitro Blade and C40 Ironheart
  • Included :
    • 1x Metric Precision Thread Axle
    • 1x Grind Grade Dial Red
    • 2x Washer
    • 1x Spring
    • 1x Comandante Wrist Band
  • Made in Germany

Horizontal shift per click of Target Maximum in bimodal Normal Distribution of total particles.
Change of particle size per click (typical): 15 Micron / 0,015 mm
Narrow Blade Gap at burr exit: 5,5 Micron per click (typical)