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About Us

Our Story:       

     48 East started with passion is coffee. Our goal of seeking the perfect cup of coffee have lead us to be a specialty coffee roasters, and that took us into a continuous journey from coffee sourcing and roasting to keep developing our coffee.

For us coffee is not just a caffein shot. coffee is an experience that connect people and communities, it can cross cultures and boarders to create a culture of its own linking people from the coffee farms in producing regions to roasters, baristas until it reaches the final cup we all experience and enjoy.

Sourcing coffee with ethical direct trade and seeking coffee quality and valuing the work and effort of coffee producers lead us to create strategic partnership with our coffee trading supplier. we source highest quality green coffee produced in sustainable ways focusing in the Environment and communities.

our continues journey showed us that it is not a single perfect cup. It is the journey and experience that connects us with coffee drinker and producers.