TimeMore C2 Grinder - Grey

24.000 KD

طاحونة c2 من تايمور بتصميم جميل ووزن خفيف ، تتميز بتروس مخروطية من الستانليس ستيل بحجم 38مم


  • يتميز بنمط مدقق لقبضة ثابتة اثناء الطحن
  • تروس شديدة الحدة
  • درجات طحن منقطة
  • سهلة الحمل في كيس قماشي
  • دقة تناسق عالية في الطحن

الوزن: 435 جرام

سعة الطاحونة : 25 جرام


  • High quality 420 stainless steel burrs: The burrs are formed by cutting high-quality 420 stainless steel through a five axis CNC. The hardness of 55-58HRC can quickly cut coffee beans, and the dual bearing center axis positioning - grinding coffee powder particles evenly, so you can quickly grind a coffee powder that meets the taste.
  • Grinding degree adjustment function: built-in grinding degree adjustment knob, simply turn the grinding knob to adjust the manual coffee grinder to obtain the desired coffee taste (clockwise for fine grinding degree, counterclockwise for coarse grinding degree). You can enjoy a wonderful coffee time at home, in the office, or during outdoor camping and hiking, such as POUR OVER COFFEE, MOKA POT COFFEE, FRENCH PRESS COFFEE, etc.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean: The compact design makes it easy to disassemble without the need for any tools. Do not rinse with water, use the complimentary brush to complete the cleaning. In general, it is not recommended to disassemble and replace parts of the bean grinder. This helps improve the accuracy of grinding, and if necessary, please follow the instructions in the manual.
  • Convenient to carry: You can obtain TIMEMORE C2 grinder X1, brush X1, cloth bag X1, and product manual X1; The weight of the bean grinder is 430g, while maintaining a lightweight and moderate sense of weight and luxury. It is not only suitable for home use, but also very suitable for carrying outdoors or traveling.