Time More Chestnut C3 Grinder - Black

26.000 KD

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Say hello to the latest and probably the best priced grinder for your buck from Timemore, the C3. The cousin to the greatly acclaimed C2 which took the coffee world and beans by storm.

Timemore just keep improving their products, the latest to the Chestnut series is this C3, with awesome S2C 660 burrs which are sharper and harder wearing. 

S2C are spike to cut burrs which have come from the highly acclaimed Chestnut X grinder.

As with the C2 the body is aluminium making it weigh in at 423g which is pretty light compared to most of its competitors. This is partially down to the internal stabilizers being plastic which doesn't affect the grinder performance.

The idea behind the surface is that it gives some additional grip. At the same time, the diameter and ergonomics of the C3 are pretty comfortable, so it’s a pretty smooth experience to operate the grinder. So, the outside of the grinder looks the same as the C2 but it's the inside where all the magic happens...a new fancy set of burrs! 

Using Spike to Cut technology (S2C) you'll see the inner burr has vertical lines going up across the upper part of the burr.  This design cuts the beans into smaller fragments before being ground which has been shown to afford a more consistent grind and faster throughput. Based on the Chestnut X burrs but 38mm instead of the X 42mm. You'll experience a faster and more efficient grinding experience with more uniform particle size.


Capacity 25g of roasted beans

S2C conical burrs with harder SUS420 high carbon stainless steel burrs

Point to point adjustment from fine to coarse coffee (espresso to French press)

Diamond patterned body for easier grip

Comes with a little storage bag and cleaning brush

Weight approx 425g

Size: 147 x 52mm / handle length 159mm

Material: body - aluminium alloy Burrs - stainless steel 38mm SUS420 (S2C660)