Bossa Nova | Brazil

5.000 KD

Variety : Yellow Burbon
Altitude: 1200m
Process : Natural


Flavour Notes: Chocolate , Almonds, Hazelnut

Sweetness: ●●●○○
Body: ●●●●○
Acidity: ●●○○○


RThis regional coffee is harvested June to August but is available all year round and represents the premium offerings of the Carmo de Minas growing area. Carmo de Minas has optimal conditions for high-volume specialty coffee production, with altitudes ranging 900 - 1300 masl, temperatures averaging 17 - 25ºCelsius, and rainfall averages of 1800mm per year. Our Regional Bossa Nova has a target profile that is sweet, balanced and refined in structure - much like the music itself. It has a medium body and flavours of caramel, nut, , chocolate, so this coffee can stand alone as a single origin or make a great vase in a blend.